Guus van den Akker

to design is my passion

We are involved in a creative process. We design and/or build, produce interiors, furniture, art and photographs for clients.

interior and furniture design

The combination of beauty, simplicity and ease of use might be a very valid and lucky solution for many challenges considering interior architecture, furniture and design. Thus we cheer up in our own invented space and have time and can concentrate on our private lives. To reduce costs we could challenge clients to build things themselves and rely on our design and objectives.

exhibitions / production

The design, detailing and/or manufacture of exhibitions demands a very special focus and communication on lots of targets; reason, challenge, goals, public, time, budget... Whether inventive with re-use of materials, or new sleek design for condensed and intrinsic qualities, the combination of factors demands a birds-eye perspective to control any project involved.


To realize all kinds of projects is one of our main resources. Working together constantly tracks the real world and real situations and thus gives us a constant flow of information and feed-back. Nobody can solve everything alone, we try to optimize our efforts to smooth our paths and, when necessary, to stay cool and collected to the mentioned budgets.


We document work of our clients and of other creative people. In photography  we try to find the gesture; of buildings, persons, situations, of art and objects. The gestures in our surroundings as being meaningful  in time.

drawings and publications

To us, drawings are dreams which get a realistic form. It is a craft, and an adventurous way of research and development. It can be poetic as well as down to earth. They might stand the times,  with their beauty, their immediate freshness and spontaneity. We published some books about this subject.

Guus van den Akker

to design is my passion


guus van den akker
capucijnenstraat 61
6211 RP maastricht


business interior:
o.a. KPMG-Meyburg, Stadsbus Maastricht/Veolia
Private interiors and furniture:
o.a. in Maastricht, Nijmegen, Amsterdam
museums and galleries:
o.a. Taat, Bonnefantenmuseum, Marres
o.a. De Tribune, Bjorn Borg, Angle Gallery
o.a. Additionele Architectuur, 2009; The Breathing City, 2012; Ghost Town, 2008; Scarpa’s Stilte, 2011
o.a. Metropolis M, 2009; Frame, 2010; Casabella, 2014; Volkskrant 2012
o.a. 6211 Kunstkwartier, 2009-2010; Galerie Yksi, 1996